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Innovation & Technology allows our travel consultants to be more responsive to our clients. Even with all of the websites that allow travellers to create their own itineraries, our expert travel consultants still have an edge.

Corporate Traveller Services

It sounds simple but with millions of fares, rates, taxes and fees, all changing every day across thousands of travel channels, we know how challenging it is to meet company cost-containment requirements, support travellers and control the time spent by all in the process.


Flight bookings can be an expensive affair, especially when you don't have the right partner to book your air tickets. We have content available from all local to global airlines along with special airline deals to save cost while you travel.


When looking for your perfect Hotel, our in-depth tools make it easy to browse rooms by hotel star rating, by the deal, even by brand. We make finding the right hotel


If you want peace of mind and reassurance, we make sure that important documents such as Visas and Passports are with you for when you travel as part of our business travel management services. The in-house team of experienced and skilled manpower which provide best-in-class service and assistance to travellers.

Chauffeur Run Cars

We provide industry-leading cab services to our customers at their disposal. So be it a day-long business or just a day out, we have you covered.


Travelling by road is much more feasible especially for the routes and destinations with no air and train connectivity including far-flung towns. MCT has all the content to make your bus booking a smooth experience. Book buses operating on several routes including both state-run and privately-owned fleet at competitive prices.


Train travel is one of the most popular choices for short or nearby trips. We are one-stop-shop for Train tickets and issuing almost all train tickets available around the


Whether travelling solo or with your business colleagues, a peaceful journey is all you need. Your journey is as important as your destination and so our travel insurance plans will safeguard you against any adverse situations (god forbid) whether a medical or any trip inconvenience.


Tickets are booked and bags are packed but what is left on the table? It's the currency exchange! We assist in providing you with the best foreign currency exchange rates for your travel needs.

Global Travel Programs

We call it "GLOCAL" that means Global requirements fulfilled locally or converged regionally.

Offshore Travel Services

A team of dedicated travel consultant to assist with offshore travellers by offering a negotiated rate with the selection of Airlines that participate in the offshore market. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer an in-house offshore travel team operating 24 hours a day with extensive training and travel experience.

Travel Desk Consolidation

Regionalised Travel Desk Travel consolidation is defined as the amalgamation of the components of a managed travel program that converge at a regional level. When put to practice, this means leveraging travel volumes and concentratin sourcing with one corporate travel provider, as well as standardizing travel policies, processes and tools. When global companies consolidate their travel programs, savings come from two principal sources: centralized travel desk operations & centralised control over the transactions. We are value-driven and understand the resource constraints, along with a complex of a market and bring along a passion for delivering optimal cost and comfort to our clients - making our service in this arena second to none.

Business Consulting & Process Engineering

Build and implement strategies that can reduce your annual travel expense through automated pre-trip authorization, travel policy compliance monitoring and focused spend analysis coupled with time-saving & growth-oriented solutions

Business Process Engineering

Our process experts’ study current business processes and develop new methods to improve productivity, efficiency, and better the operational costs. This proven methodology focuses on new business processes, how to diagnose problems with an organization's current methodology, and how to redesign, reconstruct, and monitor processes to ensure they are effective. We start with baselining doing our assessment of the organization’s goal and customer needs, then providing process engineering guidance to enhance data dissemination and decision-making processes.

Cost Optimization Programs

We recognize that any changes in behaviours or processes will give cost savings to the company. This may be in the form of booking differently (advance purchase), changing vendor or shifting class or tier. We, therefore, suggest savings through the behaviour-based pattern. This may save up to 10% (average ticket price) ticket cost.

Traveler Safety and Duty Of Care

Taking care of your business travellers is our priority. Our Travel Alerts team monitors political situations, travel disruption, weather changes and anything else that may affect your organization. The duty of care program can service & quickly deal with travel booker requests to the same high standard as the service delivered during regular office hours.

Leisure Travel

Planning to take a break from work? We are here to make your holiday travel full of authentic and incredible experiences.

Domestic Holidays

Explore Domestic Holidays: Browse tour packages by interest, themes, destinations, duration and regions. Book Travel & Tourism Packages Now! We provide quality services and customized itineraries with diverse recreational programs for all ages.

International Holidays

Planning an international holiday? Our team is available to you. Working with our travel advisor comes with all sorts of benefits. Our experienced professionals eliminate the stress of planning by dealing with all of the details including visa, ground transport, air bookings, sight-seeing etc. and they also provide incredible insights that you couldn't get any other way.

We specialize in creating memorable meetings and incentive programs.

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Luxury Travel

Our discerning team of travel aficionados is ready to help you craft the experience of a lifetime. With Unforgettable Luxury Experiences, you must travel like a VIP. Luxury travel offers the best of the best: intimate experiences, personalized services, gourmet meals, and beautiful surroundings that together promise a maximum of pleasure and a minimum of stress. Maybe it’s champagne at liftoff or a Michelin-starred restaurant (and accompanying reservation) in the lobby, a king-size bed and marble-lined bathroom or a butler to pack and unpack your luggage. With editors and contributors spread wide throughout the world, Travel + Leisure has the answers, whether you are looking for luxury accommodations, luxury meals, luxury adventures, or luxury transport.